MicroDish - MicroDish Culture Chip

MDCC20.10 and MDCC40.10


The MDCC20.10 has about 180,000 culture areas 20 µm across, separated by walls 10 µm high and 20 µm wide, and is suitable for high throughput screening or viable counting. The MDCC40.10 is similar to the MDCC20.10 but has 40 x 40 µm culture areas and is applicable for screening where larger microcolonies are required.
The MDCC40.10 is also suitable for the capture of microorganisms by filtration.

Image: Section of a MDCC20 showing over 1000 compartments supporting microbial growth (app. 180,000 per chip). The bacteria were stained with a fluorogenic dye and imaged by fluorescence microscopy. The microcolonies appear white in this picture.




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