MicroDish - MicroDish Culture Chip

MDCC180.40 and MDCC180.10


The MDCC180.40 has more than 2,000 well-separated culture areas. Each are 180 µm across with walls that are 40 µm high. The MDCC180.40 is suitable for the isolation of previously uncultured organisms from complex samples and other analyses that require larger microcolonies and/or better sample segregation.
The MDCC180.10 is identical, except the walls are only 10 µm high which can be an advantage in sample recovery and some forms of imaging.  

Image: Section of a MDCC180.40 using a dissecting microscope (10x magnification) showing microcolonies in some of the circular compartments. Illumination was from above at a 30 degree angle.



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