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Flow Cell

Flow Cell Product Information

The MicroDish (MD) Flow Cell (patent pending) is a device designed for the continuous flow and supply of an aqueous solution (e.g. nutrients or drugs) underneath a MD porous aluminium oxide (PAO) slide.

The Flow Cell is suitable for various applications and studies such as in environmental and medical microbiology, microbial physiology and ecology studies. It can be used for bacterial growth studies or the enrichment and recovery of microorganisms present in environmental samples that are otherwise hard or not to cultivate.

It allows to exchange the medium or liquid of interested for other solutions any time without disturbing the microorganisms growing on top of the PAO inside the wells. For slow growing organisms the device can be considered to approximate to a low cost, miniaturized chemostat. The Flow Cell can also be used for the study of the effect of antibiotics on bacteria.

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Image: Front view of the assembled Flow Cell.

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